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Empowering Women this Women's Month

Celebrate your womanhood with Lady Finance as we will be  "Blossoming into You". This event is dedicated to honoring women during Women's History Month and empowering them to become their best selves. 

Tessa Rideau of Artistry Rebirth and Trelles Williams, CEO of  Financial Experts of America & Lady Finance, will share their expertise on women's empowerment, the epitome of women in business, and mothers in business. This is your opportunity to learn from successful women who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.

To top it off, Gia Tejada will teach us how to create beautiful floral arrangements that would surely level up your game. This hands-on experience will allow you to tap into your creative side and create something beautiful to take home with you.

The attire for the event is shades of pink, so please come dressed in your favorite pink outfit. This is an excellent opportunity to network with wonderful women, share your experiences, and learn from others.

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When is the event?

"Blooming into You" will take place on March 31, 2023, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

Where is it?

This blossoming event will take place at the 1945 The Exchange SE, Suite 410, Atlanta, 30339.

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Award-winning entrepreneur Trelles Williams, better known as Lady Finance, is the CEO of Lady Finance and Financial Experts of America, a successful Tax & Financial firm established in 2013. Her goal is to inform, educate, empower, motivate and train individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in personal finances and wealth-building strategies. She is equipped with the tools to help you free from debt, attain your financial goals, become more successful with your finances, and achieve wealth for your future.


Lady Finance is known for her hands-on approach to real-world financial advice that can be applied to any business or individual situation. She is a credible partner for small business owners looking to achieve more. Her specialty is creating customized branding, marketing and tax strategies by collaborating with experts that give businesses superior ROI and become 6 to 7-figure earners. Her specialities include Educational Workshops on Finances, Tax Strategy, Building Credit Scores, and many more.

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Tessa is the CEO of Artistry Rebirth Beauty Agency and is the Beauty Powerhouse behind many of today's worldwide Celebrities and Fashion models gracing the cover of top magazines. 


She's also a true transformation of Lady Finance's teachings. Tessa has graduated from every Business & Finance course and has learned to dominate in her lane in the Beauty Industry. Tessa has evolved from being booked and busy to paid in abundance due to what she's learned about Money, Credit and Business. Initially, when Tessa started her business, she had bad credit and was a struggling artist. Today she's 6 points away from an 800-credit score, is a multiple six figure earner and has secured hundreds of thousands in business credit. She has lines of credit in both personal and business, has been approved for an auto loan in her business name, approved for a $500k plus home loan and is currently working on securing a $250,000 contract. Tessa is preparing to purchase her first commercial building as the official home of her beauty agency in 2023. 


Tessa can speak from a first-hand experience while representing herself as a Celebrity Beauty Expert and the Lady Finance brand. Tessa is funny, captivating, down to earth and will deliver the tools on surviving the recession using money and credit that every Beauty professional needs to know. She speaks from her applied knowledge rather than what she's heard from someone else. 

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Gia Taijae Tejeda is 21, Senior Economics major with a minor in management and organization at Spelman College, and the Founder of All Things College. Gia began to develop All Things College (A.T.C.) as a freshman in high school; now, her initiative turned business is committed to bridging the gap from high school to higher education within the minority community. The primary purpose of A.T.C. is to advocate for quality education by
informing students and parents nationwide on college readiness, standardized test-prep, and scholarships, ensuring an increase in minority economic growth and college retention rates. Gia is a student leader on campus and is making her mark at Spelman. She is a member of the Economics Club, Future Business Leaders of Spelman, Presidential member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and Co-President of Girls Going Global
Spelman Chapter. Gia participated in Goldman Sachs Inaugural HBU Possibilities Program where Gia and The Dream Team competed against 125 HBCU students and placed first in the business case competition, scouring a grand prize of $1 Million dollar grant for Spelman College. Gia has worked with The Harvey Foundation and was a speaker at the Girls Who Rule The World Event, she has been seen in Essence and Voyage ATL. She is a Girls Inc Bold Award 2019 Recipient and an Echoing Green Fellow. Gia's drive and passion sparks from an opportunity to make a difference and impact the lives of others.

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Love On Me In 2023
Love On Me In 2023
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