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The Ultimate Business & Finance Blueprint: Becoming Bankable Bundle

Stop surviving and start thriving with the best business makeover there is!

Transform your struggling business into a thriving enterprise with Lady Finance's Business Makeover package. This limited offer provides you with a six-week Business and Finance Bootcamp, offering you the knowledge and tools to revamp your business structure and strategies. Join the hundreds of business owners who have gone from surviving to thriving with this program.

Designed for business owners who are struggling to make ends meet, Lady Finance's package includes access to in-depth information about building a solid business foundation, proper business structure, marketing, analyzing your finances, budgeting, and becoming eligible for funding. You will learn how to increase your business earnings from 5-figure to 6-figure and even 7-figure earnings.

As part of the package, Lady Finance offers a Business Bankable Readiness Package, which includes EIN filing, business entity filing with the secretary of state, operating agreement, sample business plan, NDA agreement, non-compete form, work-for-hire agreement, Duns Number, tax guide, and becoming bankable guide.


Get the Business Makeover package from Lady Finance and take the first step towards transforming your business today. Join the Business and Finance Bootcamp at your convenience, anywhere and anytime. Get ready to execute with grace and class, and become the bankable business owner you were meant to be.

In this course, Lady Finance helps you become BANKABLE by educating and giving access to in-depth information about:

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Week 1: Building a Solid Business Foundation

Week 2: Am I Structured Properly?

Week 3: Marketing 101- Understanding My Client

Week 4: Understanding my Personal Finances

Week 5: Financial Analysis

Week 6: Financial Operations- Business Budgets

  • Becoming Bankable Guide

  • Business Entity Filing with secretary of state

  • Duns Number

  • EIN filing

  • NDA Agreement

  • Non-Compete form

  • Operating Agreement

  • Sample Business Plan

  • Tax Guide

  • Work for hire agreement

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