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The Business and Finance Bootcamp is a reformative class designed to build a solid business structure, increase business revenue, and qualify for business funding and grants. This bootcamp is suitable for entrepreneurs who are doing everything on their own, business owners with low cash flow, business owners who don’t know how to get business funding or have been denied. This class is for serious entrepreneurs only who’s ready to do the necessary work to move their business forward. 

  • Planning and building a comprehensive strategy and solid business foundation

  • Re-assessment and analysis of business structure

  • Marketing 101: Establishing marketing persona or customer profile, understanding customer behavior, targeting and remarketing

  • Understanding day-to-day financial decisions and activities including savings, investments, financial protection, tax plans, retirement plans, etc.

  • Evaluation of business, projects and budgets i.e., income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and capital expenditure budgets

  • Extensive education in Business & Finance budgeting to master identification of available capital, spending estimates, and revenue prediction.

  • Paving your path to Financial Success in both personal and business by BECOMING BANKABLE with Business Moguls.

  • Specialty drinks and Refreshments

  • Conducive and luxurious learning space

  • A Graduation Party to celebrate your success in completing the intensive Business and Finance course.


  • Get educated and empowered with the tools needed to grow successful companies

  • Be taught by A Financial Guru,  Business Moguls, documented Millionaires and more.

  • Learn the blueprint to generating more cash flow, Business Funding,  and thriving during a recession. 

  • Meet and network with other successful entrepreneurs who are looking to connect and collaborate in business while enjoying a luxury experience.


"Some of the challenge that I face being in the beauty industry is ignorance, believe it or not, just not knowing and needing the resources or finding the resources to educate and inform me on the proper steps that’s needed to be taken in the beauty industry. Oh my god, working with Lady Finance has been so amazing. It’s been so phenomenal. I would refer everyone to the Financial bootcamp, not just beauty professionals. Anyone who wants to take their business up a level or up a notch or who needs any financial information and guidance."

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Business Makeover became Digital

The Business and Finance Digital Bootcamp is an online course designed for busy entrepreneurs who want to see their businesses thrive. This program covers business structuring, marketing strategies, financial analysis & management, and more, providing bootcampers with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive business environment. With its flexible online format, bootcampers can access the program from anywhere and at any time, making it the ultimate choice for anyone looking to enhance their skills and succeed in the world of business.

Lady Finance Business and Finance Digital Bootcamp
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is best for you?

The 1-Day Masterclass is your opportunity to master your finances and take your business to the next level. This is an Introductory Road Map to Building a Solid Business Structure...

The 6-week Business and Finance live Bootcamp, which is available in-person and zoom, is for business owners who are struggling to make ends meet that may be on the verge of closing their business to return to the workforce. Their credit cards may be maxed out, reflected in their inability to access Business Funding.


Begin your path to Financial Success in both personal and business by BECOMING BANKABLE with Business Moguls. This is your opportunity to step up and put a stop on the unending cycle of trying to meet ends and start becoming PROSPEROUS.

The Digital Business and Finance Bootcamp is the online version of the 6-week Business and Finance Bootcamp. This digital bootcamp has unlimited access to course and videos anytime, anywhere. Suitable for excellent entrepreneurs who want to thrive more but can't attend or too busy to attend the 6-week Business and Finance bootcamp.

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