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Trelles Delandro-Williams is CEO of Financial Experts of America and Lady Finance. She is Fancy!!! She’s a Christian, wife, mom, mentor, financial coach, business coach, people-builder, financial expert, serial entrepreneur, & overcomer. Trelles created a community specifically for women who want to go from surviving to thriving. A community in which women from all different walks of life can learn about the importance of creating a legacy and building generational wealth. Lady Finance teaches women how to become financially independent and successful by generating multiple streams of income. Lady Finance created Moms On A Mission which teaches mothers how to develop financial discipline and rewrite their stories through a 12-month mentorship program.

Furthermore, she hosts education classes such as Wine, Winning, & Wealth which educates families by targeting the different pillars to succeed at your finances. She's been a radio show co-host and led a panel about financial tips for single moms. Lady Finance empowers women to live their best lives and gain control of their finances. Lady Finance is also Fancy Honey @Fancy_honey!! Lady Finance shares her lifestyle where all things including home decor, fashion, and mom boss life are considered pretty and fancy. 

Lady Finance has been a host on a Radio Talk show where she led the pane on finances for single moms. She sat on Student Council & PTA boards of several schools, sponsored many Cobb county schools, and sponsored several businesses in Georgia and Louisiana. She’s partnered with several small businesses within the community to educate on Finances.