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Setting your financial goal is the first step in designing a sound financial plan. 

Financial Game Planning allows you to achieve your financial goals, be it purchasing your dream house, expanding your business or creating more streams of income.  It also prepares you for unforeseen situations and emergencies like economy recession or pandemic.


Achieve your Financial Goals by getting the proper education, training, support, tools and resources needed to assist you and jumpstart your financial success. Lady Finance offers a 5-hour long Financial Game Plan fit to create and build a 6-month financial strategy for your business. This 4-hour comprehensive and strategic session includes the following:


-Establishment of short-term and long-term Goals

-Assessment of Financial Situation

-Build a 6-month comprehensive and adapting financial strategy to attain sustainable cashflow in this changing economic and market outlooks

-Increase Cash Flow Plan

-Risk Assessment and Management

Financial Game Plan

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